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Firewood Box Packages
Latest Customer Feedback
Jo Mitchell 06.11.2010
Many thanks for my delivery
Logs was of brilliant quality and the delivery driver was brilliant, I got a phone call to advise eta which I really appreciated and he was an absolute star bringing the logs as near to the entrance as poss. Many thanks, Jo
Kelly Hurley 06.11.2010
Apologies for not replying sooner.

We bought firewood from yourselves earlier this month. The quality was
excellent and after a few very cold days the logs have been fantastic. The service we received was brilliant and I even
recommended you to a friend straight after and she also bought from you. So I would definitely recommend you again.
Our Boxed firewood arrives in two different size of boxes a large box and a XL box. We recommend you use our large box for weekend or one week box and our XL boxes usually last upto 2 weeks! Logs in these boxes are kiln dried premium hardwood logs.
Boxed Firewood Logs
Item Number: BF01519
Massive boxes delivered to your door
Large boxes select size below

Firewood Boxes boxes contain Hardwood , for long lasting burning hardwood logs burns extremely hot, ultra low moisture. Boxes contain Ash, Beech, Birch & Oak. Average XL box contains approx 80 - 100 logs. Depending on log sizes!

Coal Alternative Briquett Boxes these large boxes contain 2 packs Briquettes, 1 pack of kindling and 1 firelighter. XL boxes contain 4 packs of Briquettes, 1 pack of kindling and 1 pack of firelighters.

Large Boxes we recommend as one week boxes of weekend boxes. XL Firewood Box we recommend to last 2 weeks approx

Arrives within 48 hours to your door and order now and recieve free kindling and free fireligthers !

Delivery & Packaging Information
Our firewood boxes are sent by a parcel network and will be delivered to your door within 48 hours.
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