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Premium Hardwood Logs
Ultimate Firewood Package
Huge Oak drying net, 20 large softwood nets, 10 large
nets of hardwood logs, 10 large packs of kindling & 5 packs of firelighters.
Now Only
Under 24% average moisture content. Our Hardwood Logs delivered in large Crates, are ideal for wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, traditional open fires etc. Hardwood logs do not blacken or tare stove windows and give off excellent heat output
Hardwood Logs
Item Number: KD01579
Large Crate & Nets Of Stacked Firewood
Tightly Stacked, Order Online Now!

Quality Hardwood, seasoned in the log and then barn dried for ultra low moisture. Bags contain Ash, Beech, Birch & Oak. These long lasting logs, keep their shape, give off loads of heat and burn for hours. Ideal for open fires and log burners. Low moisture at a average of 24%. Ash - The King of firewood. Produces both heat and bright flame - our favorite. Oak - Very dense so burns very slowly and gives off lots of heat. Beech - Produces good flame. This mixture of Hardwood logs provide a fantastic flame and the classic glow and aroma of a wonderful log fire

Just In!! For bulk users are our large crates of Hardwood Firewood, ideal for customers who want to stock up for the winter. You can keep these logs in the crate and use it as a log store to keep your logs ultra dry!

Prices Include delivery and VAT to all nationwide destinations so order now to guarantee christmas delivery!

Delivery & Packaging Information
Our Hardwood logs are delivered in large crates. The pallet and crate is 100% recycled delivered is burnable and we encourage the crate to be recycled or burn 't .
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Be good and don't burn coal, say's Online Firewood. With our new coal alternative there should be no need to burn non renewable fuel as our hardwood coal alternate burns as hot as coal because they are less than 5% moisture and compressed denser then logs...
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