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Ultimate Firewood Package
Ultimate Firewood Package
Huge Oak drying net, 20 large softwood nets, 10 large
nets of hardwood logs, 10 large packs of kindling & 5 packs of firelighters.
Now Only
Our ultimate firewood package is for customers who are looking to try out all our products or just need a large amount of firewood. Contains abit of everything great way to warm your home this winter with oak, hardwood and larch firewood.
Ultimate Firewood Package
Item Number: UF01617
Massive Savings On This Package
Palletised and delivered to your door

1 x Drying Net of Beautiful seasoned oak logs, seasoned in the log and barn stored. These logs can last upto 2 hours burning and are great for pubs and private home, Ideal for open fires and log burners. Low Moisture.

20 x Bags of Larch firewood, there is always a possibility that some hardwood managed to get mixed in! Average weight is approximately 12 - 15 kg each net contains approximately 12 - 17 logs.

10 x Hardwood Beech Nets Seasoned For 2 years. Contains 14+ logs per net.

10 x Kindling large nets & 5 x Firelighter Packs

Delivery & Packaging Information
Our Ultimate Package are delivered in large nets sacks and arrive
on one pallet. The pallet delivered is burnable and we encourage the bag to be recycled.
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