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Ultimate Firewood Package
Huge Oak drying net, 20 large softwood nets, 10 large
nets of hardwood logs, 10 large packs of kindling & 5 packs of firelighters.
Now Only

1. How much should i order if i usually buy bulk bags?

If you have been buying bulk bags we no longer sell them, as we believe that there is only one way to sell logs in log nets as the logs continue to dry, don't produce mold and are stacked tightly for better value. Our nets are very large and we can only fit 15 nets in a builders bulk bag. if you need one bulk bag then order 20 nets if you need 2 bulk bags then order 40 nets etc. we only supply in multiples of 10 so you will receive more than bulk bags!
2. How do i know i have received the right wood?
All our orders are packed from bays of our different varieties of wood, and before any orders leave our warehouse they are double checked to make sure you receive the right wood.
3. Kiln dried wood moisture?
All our kiln dried wood is seasoned naturally and then dried in kilns to take the last moisture out we make sure it comes out below 20%. We would like our customers to know that firewood is a natural product and do to heavy frosts and mists wood moisture can go up if wood is stored outdoors. This will not effect the burning of our firewood but it must be taken into account!
4. Delivery times?
We do offer all our customers to select a delivery date they would like there order delivered at our online checkout but if for any reason we cannot deliver on this date we will email you to confirm next available date. This is not often but due to high demands at cold times can happen.
5. Delivery Vehicle sizes?
All our order can be delivered on a lorry up to 44 tonne and if you do have any access issues i.e. narrow entrances, weight restrictions etc then please leave a note in special instructions so we can arrange a small wagon. All orders will be delivered on a hand pallet truck as seen below if this is not suitable for your property please call us on 01928 567 003.
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