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How We Deliver Information
Ultimate Firewood Package
Huge Oak drying net, 20 large softwood nets, 10 large
nets of hardwood logs, 10 large packs of kindling & 5 packs of firelighters.
Now Only

All deliveries of bulk bags and pre-pack nets are delivered on pallets by a lorry with tail lift off load.

Before placing your order it is key that as the customer you understand and take full responsibility of this important delivery information. Online Firewood will always endeavour to satisfy your delivery requests however by agreeing to our terms and conditions it is the customers responsibilty to ensure that circumstances and conditions are correct for the safe completion of delivery.

It is at the delivery drivers discretion whether or not these circumstances and conditions are deemed to be safe and suitable for the delivery to be completed. We do not accept any liability for the consequences resulting from the positioning of pallets or bulk bags by the delivery driver.

These vehicles need a firm level surface to unload on and you must ensure that the delivery vehicle will have safe access to the unloading point. Deliveries are kerbside and where possible the driver will try and leave your delivery where requested. The lorries use small pump action trolleys to manovuer the pallet around therefore it is key that the surface is level. These trollies are designed to be used on concrete, tarmac or block paved areas, they are unable to be used on gravel, soil, earth, uneven or loose ground. Please be aware that our lorries cannot deliver onto any form of slope, hill or incline. Our pallets and bulk bags are non-returnable and we would like to encourage the recycling of all such products.

Once you have chosen your products the first process during the checkout process is to select your required delivery date.

Online Firewood is keen to meet its customers individual delivery requests and we will always do our upmost to satisfy these demands. We are happy to deliver without the customer or representative present however we can accept no liability for any damage, theft or deteriation to the items delivered.

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